Ondemand Webinar: The Path Forward for Solid-State EV Batteries

Global Graphene Group’s CEO, Dr. Bor Jang, recently presented a live webinar on G3’s patented suite of lithium metal battery technology. The hour-long session included an overview of issues with li-metal batteries and G3’s innovative technology that addresses these concerns.

  • G3’s patented technology can make a 400 Kw/h battery possible within 3 years.
  • G3’s patented technology makes solid-state batteries commercially possible by decreasing costs (15%+) and dramatically increasing power density (10%+).
  • Our elastic polymer anode-protecting layer prevents dendrite formation, extending the cycle life of the battery (800-1,000 cycles compared to 20 cycles).
  • Our graphene protective layer improves battery performance and increases the mileage per charge (500+ miles).
  • Our non-flammable FireShield™ electrolyte offers unrivaled safety without sacrificing cycle efficiency.

Watch the ondemand webinar now, and download the presentation deck. If you would like to talk with the G3 team about our EV battery solutions, drop us an email.

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