Graphene Dramatically Shortens Road Construction Season

In Global Graphene Group’s home state of Ohio, it is often joked that there are four seasons: winter, construction prep, actual construction and construction wrap-up. When orange cones are lined along the side of the road, Ohioans know they’re in for months of construction fun. There are some highways that

Challenge: Build a Structure Using Half the Material.

Have you ever been asked to do more with less? It seems like we’re asked to do more and more with fewer and fewer resources. Use less money, less time, less materials. It’s a difficult task to achieve, especially when thinking in terms of how your actions impact the environment.

Interview: Dr. Bor Jang and the National Graphene Association

Dr. Bor Jang, CEO and co-founder of Global Graphene Group, recently sat with Liam Critchley of the National Graphene Association 2D to discuss his discovery of graphene, it’s environmental impact and the future of graphene commercialization. You can watch the interview here.

EV Adoption is Sooner than You Think

Years ago, Hanna-Barbera would have us think that we’d be living in 2020 driving flying cars. George Jetson zipped off to Spacely Sprockets for work in his flying car and made the idea of crazy advanced transportation being accessible to everyday people seem possible. All these years later, we’re still

Podcast: The Women of G3 Talk Graphene

The women on our G3 team recently participated in an interview with the Graphene Council. G3 is proud to have women in research, engineering, IP, supply chain, quality, production and marketing roles. The team discussed  the importance of women working in science, their responsibilities at G3, how they found their

Global Graphene Group Adds More REACH-Certified Products

DAYTON, OHIO, July 2, 2020 – Global Graphene Group (G3) has finalized certification for its second and third products with the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). G3’s PS and PDE products join their previously approved PDR products that were REACH certified earlier this year. G3’s

An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Aruna Zhamu

“Being a woman in science, I’ve found you need to be strong and confident in yourself to be successful. Then you can become a leader and truly make an impact,” said Dr. Aruna Zhamu, co-founder of Global Graphene Group and President of it’s Honeycomb Battery Company. Dr. Zhamu is passionate

Thermal Management Webinar On Demand

Cell phones, laptops, EV car batteries and more can heat up fast! Heat dissipation is a challenge for manufacturers of consumer electronics, cars and other goods. Graphene is the key to keeping these products cool with its high thermal conductivity.  Our team of experts at Global Graphene Group have developed

Now More Than Ever, We’re In This Together.

It feels as if we are all part of one world now more than ever. Everyone on our planet has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to some extent. We have seen areas of our world that had years of air and water pollution clear up as people sheltered at home and

Next Generation Graphene Technology – Today

“The sample (Graphene/Sulfur Composite) is the best one we have ever tested.” “(We’ve) tried other graphene suppliers and found that G3 is the only supplier that offers single layer graphene oxide that works best for their application.” Graphene is known as the “wonder material,” and major OEMs are turning to Global Graphene