Paints and Coatings

Thermal Coating & Paint


  • Graphene-enabled heat-dissipating coatings / paints
  • Specifically designed for use with a bulk heat sources

Key Advantages

Thermal Radiation Efficiency

  • Enhances the heat-dissipation efficiency
  • Maximum emissivity of carbon material can reach 0.97, or 90% more dissipative than ordinary smooth metals

Ease of Use

  • Easily applied to any location where heat transfer needs to be enhanced as drop-in solution

High Emissivity

  • High Emissivity and high surface area enable fast release of heat into ambient

Conductive Coating & Ink


  • Graphene-enabled liquid / antistatic liquids
  • Can be applied to conductive / printable inks, touch screens and flexible displays

Key Advantages

Ease of Use

  • Compatible with common production processes
  • Drop-in solution

Variable Customizations

  • Low viscosity and low solid content products available
  • For printing or ultrasonic spraying, which require high conductivity and high transmissance
  • High viscosity and high solid content products available
  • For screen printing and inkjet-printing processes as well

Anti-Corrosion Primer


  • Modified graphene primer that provides better adhesion and anti-corrosion protection metal surfaces
  • Provides an barrier to oxygen, water and acid

Key Advantages

Corrosion Resitant

  • Superior corrosion protection for commercial products
  • Prevents penetration of oxygen, water and acid

Reduction of Zinc Metal

  • Reduces need for galvanization process, i.e., less zinc required

Compatibility with Metal

  • Good adhesion to metal

Inhibits Oxidation

  • Prevents oxidation by changing oxidation potential

Acts as a Sacrificial Layer

  • Zinc-graphene acts as anode sacrificial layer to protect metal

Easy Processing

  • Does not produce toxic substances; is stable under high temperatures

Anti-Corrosion Mid-Coating


  • Modified graphene mid-coating layer between primer and surface coating
  • Anti-corrosive end products paints are evironmentally friendly as well and will not cause environmental harm or marine pollution

Key Advantages

Anti-Corrosive Factors

  • Barrier to oxygen, water and acid

Hardness Enhancement

  • Increased layer hardness

Microbial Prevention

  • Prevents microbial attachement, providing microorganism resistance

Shielding Properties

  • Toughened layer reduces fractures
  • Effective in protecting the primer and metal

Easy Processing

  • Does not produce toxic substances; is stable under high temperatures