Graphene Nano-Intermediates

Nano-Intermediates Properties

  • While graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide and pristine graphene are developed forms of graphene, they are not suitable as a drop-in solution for commercial products
  • Nano-intermediates offer a solution to this problem, serving as the foundation to all graphene applications
  • Through nano-intermediates, such as graphene-based resins, solvents and masterbatches, graphene can be incorporated into a variety of existing commercial products to enhance performance
  • G3 has unique expertise in utilizing nano-intermediates to achieve best-in-class performance

Graphene Powder


Final Products

Thermal Management Materials

Water/Air Filter Materials


Coatings and Paints



Composite Pastes

  • Pastes with dispersed graphene
  • Epoxy paste: ideal for electronic applications
  • Rubber paste: provides thermal management solutions

Graphene Masterbatch

  • Dispersed graphene in various solvents
  • Includes epoxy composite masterbatches and thermoplastic masterbatches

Graphene Dispersions

  • Even dispersion of graphene into client materials
  • Enables clients to fully realize benefits of graphene
  • Improved Tensile Strength
    Epoxy paste used in carbon fiber prepreg results in a 2x improvement in shear strength of products
  • Improved Wear Resistance
    Composite pastes serve to improve wear resistance, increasing the life and durability of commercial products
  • Lightweight and Strong
    Improves strength of products by 33 – 50% with <5% grapheneDoes not add additional weight
  • Improves Electrical Conductivity
    Improves electrical conductivity of plastics by 5 – 6 orders of magnitude for antistatic applications
  • Customizability
    G3’s expert manufacturing process allows for graphene dispersion into a variety of client products / materials
  • Lightweight and Strong
    Improves strength of products by 33 – 50% with <5% grapheneDoes not add additional weight

Our Gi-SL-B series (N002-PS), a single layer of graphene oxide dispersed in water, and Gi-PW-B050 (N002-PDR), a high-density single layer of graphene oxide with low oxygen content on its surface and high surface areahave achieved REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) certification. G3 is registered with REACH to ship one to 10 metric tons of these products into the EU annually with C.S.B. GmbH., the only representative for G3 in the EU. Read more here