Be a world changer. Be a problem solver. Be a pioneer.

Curiosity led bicycle mechanics Orville and Wilbur Wright to achieve the first powered, sustained and controlled airplane flight in 1903. Their invention changed the world and established Dayton, Ohio, as the birthplace of aviation.

Over a century later, curiosity fueled a new technology revolution when Dayton-based Dr. Bor Z. Jang became the first to isolate pristine, single-layer graphene.

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Join G³’s diverse team of scientists, chemists, engineers, and physicists where you’ll be able to study the wonder material, and how it works with other substances. Get in on the ground floor and help develop affordable graphene raw materials and graphene products for sporting goods, current and next-generation battery technology, high-performance polymers and coatings, thermal management for electronics and many more.

Work at G³