Global Graphene Group (G3) is committed to environmental sustainability, product stewardship and protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the global communities in which we operate. This commitment is an integral part of G3’s vision to be the recognized leader in graphene and technical services for graphene enhanced products and engineered solutions worldwide.

Achieving excellence in health, safety and environmental matters is a company-wide responsibility. G3 leaders are expected to accept this responsibility and commit the necessary resources to achieve its success. These commitments need to be an integral part of every initiative in which the company participates.

Accordingly, G3 will:

  • Develop products and processes that are safe and environmentally sound and help preserve resources and the environment.
  • Systematically integrate environmental sustainability, product stewardship, health and safety into our strategies, business decisions, plans and operations.
  • Strive to prove a workplace free of occupational injuries/illnesses and environmental impacts through an emphasis on prevention of potential hazards.
  • Comply with applicable environmental, safety and health procedures, laws and regulations.
  • Hold management andall employees accountable for environmental, health and safety performance.
  • Promote teamwork by encouraging all employees to be actively involved in the prevention of incidents.
  • Systematically audit behaviors, work processes, management systems and equipment to ensure compliance.
  • Ensure that this policy is communicated to all employees and stakeholders and that all employees are aware of their responsibilities.

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

As the world’s largest graphene producer, G3 adheres to strict environmental, health and safety procedures. All G3 employees go through an extensive safety training when joining the company. Monthly safety training is held for all employees to keep safety at top of minds.