Thermal Management: Heat Spreader

Thermal Heat Spreader Overview and Value Proposition

  • G3’s graphene thermal heat spreader provides superior thermal management in the form of high thermal conductivity films / sheets and enhanced heat dissipation in a lightweight and non-combustible film
  • The thermal heat spreader can be easily cut and laminated, making it compatible as a drop in solution for a variety of electronic applications
  • The AT1500-90 series of heat spreaders come in a thickness of 90+/-10um. The AT1500-100 series range in thickness of 100+/-15um.
  • The heat spreader is currently in mass-production in the capacity-expanding phase
  • Applications: 3C industry, large screen displays, LED lighting


  • G3’s graphene heat spreader offers substantially higher thermal conductivity than competing materials such as copper, aluminum and magnesium alloys
  • G3’s graphene heat spreader dissipates heat quicker and more efficiently than other materials, able to maintain a temperature of 74.1° C compared to the heat source at >150° C

No Heat Spreader

Heat Source ~150oC


Heat Source ~150oC

Competing Solution

Heat Source ~150oC

G3 Heat Spreader

Heat Source ~150oC

Key Advantages


Can be used in applications where weight reduction is critical

Thermal Conductivity

Superior heat transfer form components to keep electronics cool and avoid overheating failure

Versatile and Efficient

Low maintenance and simple procedure for installation


Flexible and bendable, the heat spreader is capable of conforming to all uneven surfaces