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Changing the EV Battery Game

Global Graphene Group’s Dr. Evan House, Senior Battery Scientist, will present at this year’s Graphene Automotive Show in Detroit, Michigan, on Thursday, March 5. He will speak about graphene-enhanced current collectors bringing longer life to battery cells and reduced cost for EV batteries. Dr. House will discuss how G3 has developed next-generation battery technologies that address the most pressing problems for consumer electronics and solutions that will enable faster adoption of electric vehicles (“EV”), and how our battery technology solves issues with flammability, high cost, slow charging and low energy density. He will speak about our graphene-enhanced current collectors and how our testing has shown they can:

  • Lower battery costs and / or extend EV range through greater cycling efficiencies
  • Lower battery costs through longer cycle lifetime as electrode corrosion is eliminated
  • Lower application costs via graphene armors allowance for simplified thermal management systems
  • Improved safety due to reduced heat build-up from un-armored cells continual impedance growth

Interested in learning more about our graphene-enhanced solutions for the EV market? Let’s talk! Call us at 937-331-9884 or email [email protected] to speak with our experts. 

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