Earth Day
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Now More Than Ever, We’re In This Together.

It feels as if we are all part of one world now more than ever. Everyone on our planet has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to some extent. We have seen areas of our world that had years of air and water pollution clear up as people sheltered at home and subsequently lowered their carbon footprints.

As we celebrate Earth Day 2020, the Global Graphene Group team is dedicated to making sure we’re leaving this planet in a better place. Our manufacturing and research facilities in Dayton, Ohio, Taiwan and China are dedicated to responsible recycling and handling of our chemical waste. In Dayton, we partner with Resource One. The G3 Environmental, Health and Safety Committee (EHS) meets weekly to discuss open issues, policies and more. We’re committed to responsible manufacturing methods and ensuring we’re protecting our local environments. Read more about our Sustainability policy here.

The G3 team at our headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, is continuing to shelter in place per the State of Ohio’s order, and most other states across the US are also asking citizens to stay at home with non-essential businesses closed. We’re are working from home and doing everything possible to keep working with business as usual. We anticipate to return to the office on Monday, May 4, and plan to take precautions for our employees and visitors:

  • We will wear masks.
  • We will take everyone’s temperature when they arrive at the office.
  • We will continue to use teleconferencing and limit in-person meetings.
  • We will continue to step up our cleaning methods and keep social distancing practices.

We’re seeing an impact from our actions in keeping vigilant to protect ourselves against COVID-19. And we look forward to returning to our “new normal,” working to make graphene-enhanced solutions that will help make the world a cleaner, greener place. Happy Earth Day 2020!

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