G3 Produces a Family of Graphene Materials

Graphene manufactured into powder form. produced on a metric tonnage scale

  • Graphene Oxide
    Single-layer graphene
  • Reduced Graphene Oxide
    Graphene with reduced oxygen content
  • Pristine Graphene
    Graphene manufactured with zero or minimal defects
Composite and developed forms of raw graphene serving a wide range of applications and solutions
  • Composite Paste
    Epoxy and rubber based paste infused with graphene
  • Reduced Graphene Oxide
    Graphene with reduced oxygen content

Graphene-enhanced battery and battery component products enabling safer, more efficient battery systems

  • Graphene-Sulfur Composite Cathode
    Graphene-Sulfur Composite Cathode
  • Lithium Metal Batteries
    High energy lithium battery providing safe. low cost and non flammable qualities. available with G3-Fireshield TM technology
  • Graphene-Enabled Armored Current Collector
    Current collector for improved corrosion resistance and cycle life

Products that leverage graphene’s high, in-plane conductivity to advance thermal management solutions

  • Thermal Paste
    Graphene infused, silicone-free paste which provides high thermal conductivity in a non-metallic formulation
  • Graphene Heat Spreader
    Graphene infused. lightweight, non-flammable sheets offering high thermal and electrical conductivity: currently in mass production
  • Graphene Foil
    Foil designed for rapid cooling and enhanced heat dissipation


Products that utilize graphene’s transparency and electncal conductivity in electronic applications

  • EMI Shielding Paste
    Electromagnetic radiation shielding paint/paste applied to minimize harmful electromagnetic radiation in human environments
  • Transparent Conductive Films
    Transparent conductive films for flat-panel display applications, enabling flexible electronic devices
Modified graphene epoxy coatings used to improve durability and prevent corrosion in commercial products
  • Conductive Coating and Ink
    Graphene conductive liquidiantistatic liquid with printable circuit patterns and high stability
  • Anti-Corrosion Primer
    Modified graphene primer that provides better adhesion and anti-corrosion protection for metal surfaces
  • Anti-Corrosion Mid-Coating
    Modified graphene mid-coating layer between primer and surface coating
  • Thermal Coating & Paint
    Graphene thermal coating material providing high temperature resistance. high thermal conductivity and high heat radiation for a variety of applications
  • Water-Based Coating
    Removing performance gaps between water-based and oil-based paints / coating, enabling solvent -free products