Global Graphene Group, Alison Asia Pacific Ltd. Sign LOI

DAYTON, OHIO, November 22, 2019 – Global Graphene Group (G3) and Alison Asia Pacific Ltd. (Alison) have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for business over the next five years. Alison, a Hong Kong-based company, plans to purchase over 300 metric tons of silicon oxide anode material from G3.

Alison’s products are widely used in different industries such as energy, environmental protection, sewage treatment, and other fields. G3’s silicon oxide anode will support Alison’s rechargeable batteries. G3 will ramp up production of its silicon oxide anode to meet demand.

“This LOI will drive expansion in our Dayton, Ohio, and Taiwan production facilities over the next five years,” said John Davis, G3 Chief Operating Officer. “This is a significant amount of product to produce, and we will expand our team to meet these needs. We look forward to our partnership with Alison and helping them enhance their products.”

Silicon monoxide (SiO) is an emerging anode material to be utilized in high-energy Li-ion batteries (LIBs). SiO’s stable structure makes it a promising anode capacity booster as a drop-in solution to improve the energy density of LIBs. A thin carbon coating is necessary to secure high active material utilization and reduce irreversible loss during cell formation. Ghas developed graphene-SiO material with high capacity (> 1,500 mAh/g), good first cycle efficiency (> 75%), and low swelling (close to the graphite anode).

G3 holds key patents for this technology and self-sustaining graphene supplies, which lead to a cost-effective SiO anode product and is part of G3’s cutting-edge graphene-enabled battery products.

About Global Graphene Group

Global Graphene Group, Inc. (G3) is a leading material science technology company focused on graphene. It has an award-winning, best-in-class intellectual property portfolio with more than 430 patents (approved and pending). In addition, G3 holds many of the world’s firsts in graphene-related breakthroughs. G3, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is the holding company for five subsidiaries: Nanotek Instruments is the Intellectual Property arm of G3 with more than 430 issued U.S. patents. Taiwan Graphene Company is the largest volume producer of graphene globally. It is focused on high volume production of graphene raw materials, enhanced thermal interface materials (films, pastes, inks), and nanocomposite products (both thermoplastics and thermosets). Honeycomb Battery is focused on commercializing next generation lithium ion battery electrodes, batteries enhanced with graphene, and improved battery manufacturing processes. Angstron Materials is the R&D and product application company. Angstron Energy Company produces graphene-wrapped nano silicon particles to improve anode stability, prelithiation to reduce capacity loss, significant cost reduction in cost of goods, and an operational pilot line with 25 TPA capacity in the US.

About Alison Asia Pacific Ltd.
Alison Asia Pacific Ltd. was established in 2006, which is the information integration platform for the electronic materials, fine chemicals, machinery and equipment, battery materials and semi-conductor related products. By continuous improvement in these several years, company has grown into a professional enterprise with unified research and development, marketing and technical support. With elite personnel around the world, our products include research and development of raw material, machine design, building of technical manufacturing process, product subcontracting, technology cooperation and offering order-made service of products. Alison has introduced advanced equipment, raw material and technology from Japan, Korea, Europe, America, etc. We aimed to provide services that fit to customers. With the awareness of energy and environmental conservation issues is rising in recent years, Alison is actively developing new energy business like Li-ion batteries and solar energy, and also the business of organic gas treatment.

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