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Thermal Management Webinar On Demand

Cell phones, laptops, EV car batteries and more can heat up fast! Heat dissipation is a challenge for manufacturers of consumer electronics, cars and other goods. Graphene is the key to keeping these products cool with its high thermal conductivity. 

Our team of experts at Global Graphene Group have developed a portfolio of thermal management products to help companies keep heat under control:

G3 is passionate about graphene and its applications. Graphene’s ability to dissipate heat is a key advantage to add to today’s commercial electronics, automotive, batteries, and more. G3‘s Dr. Matthew Wang and Nathan Holliday presented a recent webinar on graphene’s thermal management applications. Watch G3‘s on demand webinar here.  You can download the slides from the webinar here

Talk with our experts today and learn how graphene can handle your product’s thermal management needs. 

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