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Goodbye 2020 – We’re Excited for 2021!

This year has not turned out the way most everyone imagined it would from the start. No one could have predicted that we’d be in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Despite the challenges that 2020 presented, the team at Global Graphene Group is ending 2020 on a high note. Graphene is part of the global conversation now more than ever before. And G3 is prepared to provide our solutions and technology to help improve lives.

To help fight the global pandemic, G3 is currently working with a company to produce PPE masks using our graphene solutions. Graphene is known for its anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. Researchers have incorporated graphene into N-95 masks, essential PPE for healthcare workers and others. This added layer of protection has shown to provide up to 99% effectiveness at blocking the COVID-19 virus.

G3 continues to work with a leading Fortune 75 company to incorporate graphene into their products. G3’s graphene oxide dispersion has shown to improve nylon tensile strength by as much as 400% in the similar markets. We’re looking forward to commercializing our efforts with this company in 2021.

G3 is also working on our graphene-enhanced coatings for several key industries. Adding a small weight percentage of graphene to paints and coatings can reduce the amount of material needed to coat a structure by more than 40%, while adding significant anti-corrosion properties. This will decrease the costs of coatings for companies and extend the life of the coating.

Many areas of the world have pushed for EV adoption in the next few years, making EV OEMs look for ways to increase battery energy density and safety, ramp up the mileage per charge and decrease production costs. One top-tier OEM announced its intention to use a specific anode technology using elastic polymers, which G3 owns the IP for.

Industry-leading EV OEMs indicate elastic and ion-conducting polymer-encapsulated Si technology will be needed to drive EV battery technology that will lower cost and provide higher energy density, extending the EV driving range by 20%. G3’s innovative Si anodes can deliver this and more today as a drop-in technology. Furthermore, G3’s entire suite of battery-enabling technologies can deliver driving range improvements of 50-100% at significant cost savings. G3 is working with several top-tier EV OEMs to validate our EV battery solutions and we look to increase production of our Si anode solution in 2021.

Our G3 team is growing to keep up with the demand for our solutions! We’re looking for battery scientists, technicians and an experienced production manager. If you are looking for a challenging, exciting role with an expanding company focused on the next generation technology in multiple industries, apply today!

2021 looks to be very bright for graphene as more and more people are realizing its sustainable properties and the value it brings. G3 is poised to support a variety of companies to incorporate our graphene technology and solutions into their products in 2021 and beyond. If you’d like to discuss how graphene could help your company, drop us an email.

Global Graphene Group Lithium Metal Battery Patents Hold Key to EV Future

DAYTON, OHIO, November 18, 2020 – Global Graphene Group (G3) announces the issuance of 8 key patents for long range lithium metal battery technology. This suite of patented solutions is fundamental for EV OEMs to move forward with solid-state or lithium metal battery development, an energy dense battery that will give EVs an extended driving range on a single charge. This technology will enable widespread market adoption of EVs. The patents were approved between May and November of 2020.

There are the four components that make-up a lithium battery: the cathode, anode, separator and the electrolyte. G3’s patented technologies provide not only the precise quantities and quality of ingredients, but also how we combine and prepare them, since not every lithium battery is the same. The make-up of the key raw materials, energy and power density, safety, service life, etc. – all of this has been thoroughly researched, tested and evaluated by our team of subject matter experts.

Specifically, these patents address the three most critical problems in lithium metal batteries:

  1. Liquid electrolyte-lithium metal reactions
  2. Lithium dendrite-induced internal shorting and formation of inactive lithium particles
  3. Large solid electrolyte-electrode gap and high interfacial impedance

These problems can cause safety issues including fire hazards and reduced energy density, lowering the EV battery’s performance and cycle life.

G3 has all the required technologies and expertise to overcome the technical barriers that have so far impeded the emergence of next-generation lithium metal batteries.

“Solid-state lithium metal batteries are the ‘holy grail’ for EV OEMs,” said Dr. Bor Jang, G3 co-founder and CEO. “Current Li-metal batteries have issues with the anode. For instance, when the battery discharges, a gap is created in the anode that downgrades the battery’s performance. G3’s patented elastic polymer-based anode technology creates a protective layer that eliminates this problem. Our patented technology is the leader in anode protective layers for solid state Li-metal batteries.”

“EV OEMs are focused on moving to solid-state Li-metal batteries for the future expansion of the EV market,” said Adam Quirk, G3 VP of Business Development. “Solid-state batteries have a higher energy density, meaning people can drive further on a single charge. But the EV OEMs will need to leverage G3’s lithium metal protection patents to develop safe and high performing solid-state batteries.”

“We’re excited about this technology and working with companies to partner with us to bring this new technology to life for solid-state batteries,” said Quirk.

G3 plans to host a webinar on December 9 to discuss their lithium metal anode protection patents. Registration for the free webinar is available now at

About Global Graphene Group
Global Graphene Group, Inc. (G3) is a leading material science and product solutions company focused on graphene and advanced battery technologies. It has an award-winning, best-in-class intellectual property portfolio with more than 475 US patents and applications. In addition, G3 holds many of the world’s firsts in graphene-related breakthroughs that have resulted in cutting edge products. G3, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is the holding company for a variety of subsidiaries. Taiwan Graphene Company is the largest volume producer of single-layer graphene globally. It is focused on high volume production of graphene raw materials, enhanced thermal interface materials (films, pastes, inks), and nanocomposite products (both thermoplastics and thermosets). Honeycomb Battery Company is focused on commercializing next generation lithium ion battery electrodes, battery performance solutions enhanced with graphene, and improved battery reliability performance. It produces graphene-wrapped or elastomer-encapsulated nano silicon particles to improve anode stability, prelithiation to reduce capacity loss, significant cost reduction in cost of goods, and has the world’s largest high-capacity silicon anode production line in the US.

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Is Your Laptop Too Hot to Handle?

We rely on our computers for many tasks throughout our days. From browsing the internet to crunching numbers in Excel, to creating vibrant Power Point presentations and writing copy, we’re using our laptops to multitask and get our jobs done. And now in these times of COVID-19, many of us are using our laptops to tackle our work from home, or children are using them to attend their classes remotely. We demand our computers to work hard, churning through gigs of data to create videos, play games and more.

And that means many of us find our laptops heating up. Unlike desktop PCs, laptops are much smaller in size, not allowing much room for the internal components to have space for air movement. Thermal stress can cause irreparable damage to your laptop. Persistent overheating can fry the motherboard, video card and other internal components of your laptop. It also can decrease your laptop’s lifespan. Overheating can also make the laptop’s battery lose a charge quickly, and if left untreated, could even cause the battery to explode.

Global Graphene Group has the solution to laptops’ thermal management problem. Our heat spreader thermal films dissipate heat throughout a laptop, or any other consumer electronic device, to keep it cool and operating efficiently and safely.

Our AT1500 thermal film dissipates heat twice as fast as a commonly used graphite sheet. Just a thin layer of our thermal film will help laptops run cooler, extending their lifespan. Your laptop will be more reliable, continuing to work hard just like you. And don’t worry about a potentially exploding laptop battery! Our thermal films keep the heat moving away from the battery, eliminating the chance for a fire to spark.

This thermal management technology isn’t years away – it’s available NOW. G3’s thermal film is a drop-in solution, letting computer manufacturers easily incorporate it into their existing production process. Computer manufacturers can leverage graphene’s thermal management properties now in our thin thermal film solutions, which can be cut and sized to exact measurements needed for each laptop model. Our thermal films will keep your laptop cool while you put it to work.

5G is Here. Are You Ready?

Consumer electronics, especially cell phones, are a normal part of our daily lives. Most people depend on their cell phone, tablets, laptops and more to manage their work and personal lives. We use these devices to stay connected to our family and friends, now more than ever before. And graphene can give those devices a longer, safer battery life, to keep you connected to what matters most to you.

Have you ever noticed that your electronics tend to heat up with extended use? For example, if you’re talking on your phone long enough, your phone will start to get hot. That’s the battery inside your device working hard. 5G technology will put even more of a strain on your devices since it will enable you to run larger applications with faster speeds. Your poor device battery will overheat fast.

Graphene can eliminate that issue. A thin layer of graphene incorporated into your device’s battery will keep the battery cool. And that will keep your device safe. Take a look at this video we filmed using our graphene-enabled solutions for device batteries. In this video, we put an everyday nail through a lithium-ion battery, typically used in cell phones. The battery quickly ignites. Then we show the same nail penetrating a lithium-ion battery that includes a layer of our FireShield™ electrolyte technology, which does not ignite the battery. FireShield makes the battery safe.

Our graphene-enabled battery solutions also work to extend the battery life of your devices, and allow them to quickly recharge. Goodbye waiting around for your cell phone to recharge! Quick recharge times mean less electricity is used to charge your devices, helping the environment. Our solutions make your devices more user friendly, and so much safer.

Let’s talk about our graphene-enabled battery solutions and how we can improve consumer electronics.

On Demand Webinar- Si-Anode EV Battery Technology

EV battery technology is a hot topic now. Many EV OEMs are looking for ways to improve their battery performance. Unfortunately, many solutions are still 7-10 years away. But Global Graphene Group has EV battery solutions available today.

Dr. Bor Jang, G3 CEO and co-founder, presented a live webinar on EV battery technology and the suite of solutions G3 has developed, patented and has available now for EV OEMs. Our drop-in solutions can easily be incorporated into EV OEMs’ existing manufacturing processes to significantly improve their battery performance, extending driving range, improving energy density and lowering costs.

Slides from the webinar are available. Click here to request a PDF.

Free Webinar 10/8 Discussing Latest Si-Anode EV Battery Technology

Did you watch the recent Battery Day event and hear about the latest EV battery technology? Global Graphene Group, an expert in  next-generation battery solutions, wants to share our thoughts on the event and where we see the EV battery market heading.

Join G3’s CEO and co-founder, Dr. Bor Jang, next Thursday, October 8, at 2 p.m. for a free webinar. He will discuss G3’s latest patent awarded for elastic anode battery materials (G3 Elastic polymer-coated Si -9-30-20), as well as our suite of EV battery solutions. Dr. Jang will hold a Q&A session at the end of the webinar. Don’t miss your opportunity to gain insights from one of the industry’s pioneers and experts in battery technology! Register today: